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Material for learning swedish is offering some good swedish learning material.

Podcasts from radio sweden

After some time you will want to listen to some spoken swedish. Listening is important to learn a language.

Radio Sweden på lätt svenska is a podcast targeted at people who have learned enough to understand normal spoken swedish. It's spoken slowly and with a clear pronounciation.

Klartext is a bit more difficult, but still a bit easier than normal spoken swedish. Listen to it when the above mentioned podcast becomes to slow and boring.

Stockholmsnytt is a normal news podcast. Search it in your podcast app.

All of the above mentioned podcast give you around 5 minutes of spoken swedish everyday. And these five minutes make a big difference.

Språket (RSS-feed) is a podcast by the broadcaster P1, where you can learn about the Swedish language. A great way to keep learning as an advanced learner. They talk about different topics like grammar or sayings.

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